Essay on Title Ix And Women 's Sports

993 Words Nov 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Mariah Ellis
Professor Zwieg
ENC 1101-17C
26 Nov. 2016
Title IX and Women’s Sports
According to Chanan Tigay 's article "Women and Sport," 41 percent of high school athletes across the nation are females. The number of women playing sports has increased by 10 times since 1972 for multiple reasons. But the main reason is Title IX. This educational amendment enforces gender equality in any educational program, sports, student housing and federal assistance. Title IX has greatly improved the equality of women 's sports and brought vast amounts of attention to women 's sports.
One example of gender discrimination in women 's sports is the playing conditions. In December of 2015, the United States women 's national soccer team had to call off one of their victory scrimmages against Trinidad and Tobago because of the unsafe field conditions. The turf that the teams were supposed to play on was outdated, falling apart and could be lifted up by the players. The decision to cancel the game was in fear that someone was going to get seriously hurt during the game. There is a debate over women 's soccer teams playing on artificial turf while men 's soccer teams are playing on grass. This problem was brought to the forefront before the Women 's World Cup in Canada last year. This debate over playing on artificial turf is being felt worldwide.
Another example of gender discrimination in sports is teams forfeiting because women are playing on men 's teams. The Faith Christian School in…

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