Essay on Title Ix And Its Impact On Women

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In society today, women and girls have developed a highly interested in the athletic opportunities in colleges. Title IX provided a standard for athletics around the world by education, health, and social aspect. Title IV purposes are to discrimination of sex, racism and provides equal opportunities and funding for athletic participation. Some critics argue that Title IX has a negative impact on sport due to possible causes of the reduction in opportunities for men to participate in collegiate athletics, however, title IX has affected on the opportunities for growth in women 's athletics, but the increase in opportunities will affect the men athletics outcome of opportunities due to cutting of programs and money issue. The women interested have gained attention to the College and university athletic departments.As Title IX allowed women to afford the tuition of universities through academic and athletic scholarships, the chances for women in college athletics has increased to 42 percent in 2000-2001 from 15 percent in 1972 (). As the Title IX has increased growth in athletics, the issue Has raised about doing Men athletic effect in losing sport interested and etc. In the studied of “What Do I Think About Title IX?” Voices From a University Community”, the researchers did a test to gain insight into athletic programs, individual perceptions of Title IX and women’s and men’s athletic opportunities with the theme focus on the opportunity gained and lost were Title IX…

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