Titian's Salvatore Danae Summary

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In the article Corporeality and Materiality: Light, colour and the body in Titian’s S. Salvatore Annunciation and Naples Danae written by Daniela Bohde. He argues that the unique techniques of Titian’s painting are considered significant in the history of art which links correspondence with figure or narrative he represented in his painting. The article focus on developed a close analysis of two painting from Titian Annunication; Danae and the shower of gold in Naples in terms of the subject matter and human body in correlation with the way he handles paint and the unique painting skill in this two painting.
In the Renaissance period, work that consider as greatest painting was usually highly skillful in terms of dealing with brushwork;
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However, Titian’s painting was unacceptable in that period many critics such as Giorogio Vasari consider this kind of painting with open brushwork is incomplete and lack of perfection. Danae and the shower of gold is one of the example of Titian’s using his open brushwork tecquies, erotic is the subject matter of this painting and was dedicated to pleased the cardinal have an affair with his mistress. Danae is the main figure of the painting, but the composition of the Danae in here is unusual compare to the other painting that have the similar subject matter. Bohde in the reading compare Correggio’s Danae and the shower of gold and Primaticcio’s Danae with Titan’s Danae, in Correggio and Primaticco the cupid takes more active role and Danae is not focusing on looking at the cloud of the gold but in Titian’s painting his Danae was communicating with god by stares the cloud of the gold intentionally. Bohde also discussed another painting Venus of Urbino with Titian’s Danae this two painting even through they have similar subject matter but the technique use in painting is significantly different Titian’s Danae painting was complete around 15 years after Venus of Urbino. Veues of Urbino was idealize renaissance painting that with

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