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General * July 16, 2009 Icelandic parliament passed motion approving EU Membership application. * Nearly all Icelandic politicians were convinced that EU membership would place constraints on the country, particularly in the fisheries and agrarian sectors, rather than provide benefits * Iceland is already a member of the European Free Trade Association(EFTA) * Iceland must resolve its debt disputes before becoming a member of the EU, according to rules of the EFTA. Meaning, they must pay back GB and the Netherlands

IceSave * Icesave, an online subsidiary of Landsbanki bank, collapsed along with its parent and Iceland's other major banks in October 2008, leaving 340,000 British and Dutch citizens out of pocket. *
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For the EU, Icelandic membership would be a natural extension of the existing union, balancing its expansion eastwards. Icelandic entry would pose very few problems of assimilation compared to the much larger and poorer former-communist-states that joined in 2004. For Iceland, EU membership would provide it with a welcoming home and a source of economic stability. As a member of one of the most powerful international blocs, Iceland would also be in a stronger position to participate in future global efforts on climate change, financial and trade reform, and international security and development initiatives. | | Iceland is a proudly independent country and should remain so. Founded by Viking settlers over a thousand years ago, it has a unique heritage that makes it very different from European countries such as France and Germany. Traditionally it has looked both East and West, refusing to limit itself by a narrow definition of its interests. Instead Iceland has a national myth of splendid isolation that is incompatible with the merging of sovereignty required by EU membership. Its traditions of local democratic accountability also contrast starkly with the corruption and distant bureaucratic systems of Brussels. Nor is Iceland alone in resisting the EU’s embrace: Norway and Switzerland both continue to prosper outside the

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