Tita's Laundry Shop Case Study

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 The business will strive to gain credibility and to provide excellent service to the customers. Through word of mouth, its loyal customers will be the ones who will share their experience of the service. A positive feedback of a service is very convincing when building the reputation of the business in the market.

6.2.2 Marketing Objectives
Tito’s and Tita’s Laundry Shop is a laundry service that caters its service to the residents of high-rise condominiums in Manila. Being a start-up entrepreneur and new business provider in the market, our marketing objectives is to build a customer-relationships that will result in direct recommendations of the business as well as an increase in number of satisfied customers. The researcher set the following
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Based on findings analysed in Chapter 4 there are 136 respondents or 81.44% who show interest to have their laundry done by a laundry service. Considering that the laundry has a pick-up and delivery service. The findings give confidence that the target market share is likely to be achievable.

 Capturing 25% of the market share by the second year of operation is another objective of Tito’s and Tita’s Laundry Shop. Based on the data analysis from chapter 4 there were 58 out of 167 respondents that are doing their own laundry. Capturing this target market is achievable. During the first year of operation through word of mouth as one of the marketing strategies, the business positively creates its name in the market. Feedback from the customers’ experience will eventually increase the number of customers during the second year of operation to avail the quality services this business
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The main services which the business offers are wash-dry-fold for 35php per kilo (1nzd), or wash-dry-press for 75php per kilo (2.14nzd). Dry cleaning and big blankets or comforters and linens would be 120php per kilo or (3.43nzd). Other services such as stain treatment would have an additional charge depending on the gravity of stain and consume of chemicals. All these services will be inclusive of pick-up and delivery with the customers. Minimum of items to be serviced would be 5 kilos per

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