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Titian (Portrait of Himself)

Titian is a high renaissance Italian painter that is famed for his paintings that dominated the 1560’s. As a painter, Titian gained fame for a self-portrait that he did on an oil canvas in his sunset years. This painting differs markedly from an earlier self portrait that he did in earlier years. In this particular portrait, the painter depicts himself as an old tired man. The portrait does not show the self-confident side of the painter that predominate his earlier works (Loh, 2007). This particular painting depicts Titian as an old bored fellow, staring into some distant place, looking lost in his thoughts.

Aside from gaining fame on
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To clearly understand the works of Titian, one must carefully study how the artist used color in his paintings. The use of color in the painting ensures that the forms are well placed in the paintings.

Another masterpiece produced by Titian, the Rape of Europa was not so glorious. This piece was painted off showing a white bull, a disguise of Jupiter, carrying and overpowering the distraught Europa. This piece combines the elements of unconscious grace, abandon and surprise. The piece also shows cupid floating on a dolphin. Other authorities have also written on Titian’s wok. For instance, Titian’s Venus of Urbino presents an archetypal illustration of the female nude in the Renaissance culture. This painting represents construction of gender in the renaissance. Titan’s Venus of Urbino can be paralleled with Michelangelo’s portrait of David. Nudity was an overrunning theme in the renaissance period. However, the works of Michelangelo and Titian revealed that the male and female nudity is not treated in equal terms; these works show the social construction of the various gender roles of that period (Eaton, 2003).

The pictures painted by Titian bear the description of women made by men. The female in the picture is shown naked. The obfuscations portrayed in this painting are extraordinary with aesthetic evaluation of color, form composition and handling which clearly defines the

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