Essay about Tips For Creating A Successful Parenting Plan

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Tips for Creating a Successful Parenting Plan for Your Child

A parenting plan outline how parents will raise their children after the parents separate. Most parenting plans include details about how the parents intend to make decisions regarding their child and time-sharing schedules. A workable parenting plan is the key to sharing parenting responsibilities in a way that benefits your child. It is also the most effective way to ensure that both parents remain active participants in their child’s life.

Why Do You Need a Successful Parenting Plan?

The most important reason to take time to draft a successful parenting plan is the well-being of your child. A comprehensive parenting plan benefits your child in several ways:

• A successful parenting plan provides stability for your child;
• Your child spends quality time with each parent;
• Important decisions are not left to chance;
• Your child maintains a close relationship with extended family;
• Your child is able to enjoy extra-curricular activities; and,
• Holidays and vacations are less stressful.

A comprehensive parenting plan gives you peace of mind in knowing that your child’s emotional, physical, social, medical, and educational needs will be met even though you and your ex-partner are separated.

Elements of a Successful Parenting Plan

Your attorney works with you to draft a successful parenting plan. However, you should give some thought to the terms you want to include in your parenting plan so you can…

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