Tips For College Readiness? Essay

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Tips for College Readiness
Who will motivate me? How will I get my homework done? What classes should I take? Who will do my laundry? Am I even ready for the next step? A College and Career Readiness survey of 165,000 students found that 45 percent of students feel prepared for college, but what about the rest of us?.(Leal 2). This percent could gradually increase if more students began to use their resources to prepare for college. Students can take the steps to prepare themselves mentally and financially for college by reading and applying these tips to their checklist for college readiness.
The first step to the college process is finding what degree you want to pursue, or what career you want to get underway. There are two very important tips to keep in mind while picking a degree. You’ll want to find a course that matches your interests and abilities. A solid interest in the subject is vital, as it’s all you’ll be studying for the next few years (“What Degree Should I do?”). When choosing a degree the best plan is to listen to your heart and know what’s best for yourself. If you’ve grown up playing with Matchbox cars then find a career that will work with cars or even engineering. Knowing what you love to do and what you are good at is the key to finding the right path for you. Having a genuine interest in something can 't be faked and it 's the surest way to succeed. As Steve Jobs famously said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" (Wragg). One last…

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