Tips And Tricks On How Travel On A Budget Essay

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Your Name: Ashton Koch
Name of Twitter account: @travelingbug13
Overview of Twitter account:
This account is going to be used to share tips and tricks on how to travel on a budget and how to have a successful trip. I will be branded as a travel expert and my twitter account as somewhere people can come in order to find unique tips to keep in mind when planning a trip and when you are about to go onto a trip. I will also be posting any relevant news about common travel locations such as Florida, New Orleans and Hawaii.
This account will be focused on informing followers of different traveling tricks and tips and starting a conversation about what tips they have discovered and other traveling stories they may want to share. This twitter account is meant to show future travelers/people who wish to travel how they can travel on a budget and share some (hopefully) new tricks to experienced travelers.
Target Market(s) Overview
1. Current followers: these are mainly traveling agencies and some college students. These people are people who are interested in traveling who are interested in traveling, but have not taken the step in traveling by themselves or without their parents. They are interested in learning/sharing traveling tips. o Pieces of information the target market wants for each target market o Trip photos o Traveling stories o News about different popular travel destinations o When the best time to travel to certain destinations o How to travel and save…

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