Tinkly Poem Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… If he was only a little bigger, he would have been dying on the shore now. The fateful shore! There had been those who had actually come back from that world. This was one of the great mysteries. But some said they had been …show more content…
(2 marks)

Suggested answer
(c) The poet refers to leather jackets and football boots, items which we associate with the male, to indicate that these attract teenage girls.Question
(d) Comment on the poet's choice of the following words:(i)Tinkly (line 4)
(ii)dim (line 31) (2 marks)
Suggested answer
d)(i) Tinkly is an example of the figurative device, ono- matopoeia; hence it appeals to the sense of hearing. Children will be attracted to the sound of the paper.
(ii) Through the use of dim, the poet maintains the contrast between childhood and adulthood, innocence and experience.Question
(e) What do the following lines,She'll see beneath the silver wrapperBeneath the flashy football boots ... (lines 21 - 22) tell us about the young girl?
(2 marks)
Suggested answer
(e) The lines tell us that the young girl realises later on in life that things are not what they seem to be. She would arrive at this position because of her maturity and experience.Question
(f)What is suggested by the poet in the last seven lines (lines 27 - 33) of the poem? (2 marks)
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Suddenly down he dropped: she heard the hiss of his wing,
Fled with a scream of terror: oh, would she had dared to rest.
For the hawk at eve was full, and there was no bird to sing,
And over the heather drifted the down from a bleeding breast.A.C. BENSON(a) Briefly state what happens in the poem. (2 marks)

(b) What does the following tell you about the bird? she cowered with furtive stare...(2 marks)(c) Explain what is meant by ;the quivering dimness. (2 marks)(d) Comment on the poet's use of each of the following:
(i) slipped
(ii) drifted (4 marks)(e) Name one sense to which this poem appeals and quote a word or phrase in support of your choice. (2 marks)(f) Identify a figure of speech and comment on its effectiveness. (2 marks)

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