Essay on Timmer's Definition of Law

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Timmer’s Definition of Crime “A definition of crime represents the legal conditions under which the state, as an instrument of an economically dominant class, exercises its power to punish.” I feel that the state maintains the capitalist order through laws. Primarily, control is done through the governing of consciousness of the population. The ruling class gives rise to their own ideology to protect themselves. Capitalism’s most subtle means of control is to try and manipulate the minds of the people. They try to dictate the future through the people’s thinking and overall living. This type of dictatorship is cultural, psychological, economic and political. When an existing order becomes threatened, the focus on crime rises. …show more content…
The punishment must fit the crime. In order for the primitive society to control crime there would be blood feuds (State and Capital n.d.). It me this failed as a method of criminal justice to combat crimes because if someone committed a crime they were either hacked to pieces, eaten, stoned to death or exiled. I do not believe that this helped because there would be more people that would do the crime. Killing someone because society believed that they possessed evil spirit stopped that particular person from committing a crime, but it did not by any means stop it. This brings me to the state by imposing a form of compensation, called restitution. A specified amount was set for each type of offense. This came to be favored instead of blood feuds. I think that this was a very good idea because it set a monumental value on a crime that was committed without having a cruel and unusual punishment for a crime. When people have to be held accountable for their crimes through paying restitution it cuts into their livelihoods of providing for their families. Man was now seen as being rational and having free will which was better than the idea of man being controlled by a supernatural force and their behaviors being controlled by demons. States play a major role in reducing crime rates but as we see it has a very hard time at completely abolishing it. When a crime is committed, whether it be a white-collar crime, victimless crime,

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