Time Essay

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To be an effective leader it is pertinent to be able to manage your time. Leaders are typically inundated with tasks and demands on their limited time. Once time is lost you cannot get it back, time cannot be stopped, slowed, or sped up. However, if you become such a fanatic on managing your time you may waste too much time organizing and managing yourself. Complex time management can also become frustrating and cause you to revert back to old ways of no time management at all. Time must be managed effectively. This involves analyzing how you spend your time and then implementing a few methods to get the most out of your time. “Leaders with strong time management and organizational skills are able to role model powerful techniques for …show more content…
It can also be affective to do this within your calendar at work and set up notifications to keep you on track with different tasks. Delegating is important at this stage. Give tasks that can be completed by someone else away in order to complete tasks of importance. When new tasks are added you will need to adjust priorities and tasks accordingly.
Get a Routine/Plan: Everyday should have a list of things that need to be done and a priority for each of those things. It’s important to make a plan and stick to it. Choose a set time to complete certain tasks. For example, set aside two hours in the morning to check and answer email. Use a calendar to keep you on track whether that is a paper calendar or an electronic calendar with reminders.
Project Management
Try not to overwhelm yourself with too many projects that are unnecessary or unimportant. Plan out projects and split up large tasks. Delegate projects when you can, and manage the process. Set a schedule and stick to it.

Time Management
Set aside plenty of time to complete tasks as scheduled. Set start and stop dates that are reasonable and appropriate. Do not put off projects over and over; set a time to complete it. Plan out your activities and stick to the schedule you have made.

Do not dwell or put unnecessary work into projects. Get rid of busywork and stick to what is important. Keep things simple, do not over complicate the process or project unnecessarily. Focus on one task at a

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