Time Traveling to a Healthy Diet Essay

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Andrew Scott
ENG 101
Mr. Stafford
5 September 2014
Time-Traveling to a Healthy Diet
It is peculiar to think about traveling back in time into the pre industrialized era when everything about the way you lived would be entirely different compared to now. Think about the food alone, and how crops were grown in season, and were stowed for the off season, and back when products did not have a shelf life of weeks, months, and sometimes years. In the reading “Escape from the Western Diet” by Michael Pollan, Pollan states that the way we eat now is much less healthy then the way our ancestors ate. Within this essay I reflect on how I use to be addicted to sugar, how it made me feel, and how that is exactly what the food industry had
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Why would anyone put sugar into a burgers and fries? Knowing that sugar is addicting should make this a fairly clear answer. If sugar is addicting then would it make sense to put it into everything they could to make the crowds come back? It becomes apparent now that food industries are no longer about feeding the people nutritious foods. To them, we are merely dollar signs. Fortunate for me I was able to learn from my past mistakes, and have the will power enough to change it. I no longer have a constant craving for sweets, and in consequence both my mind and body are healthier and happier. Similar to how sugar is put into products to in all make more profit, then is it not possible that all the new healthy eating theories coming out over the years could be made just to start selling a new line of product? I announce that that is without question. When looking at the situation from their perspective, it makes since because as Pollan explicates the food companies as well as the medical company’s makes more money from prevention then a final cure (Pollan 436). As disheartening as this is, it appears that this is undoubtedly the situation we find ourselves in. My father was and always will be a big health freak. Growing up around him has at times been exhausting on the account that every couple months my family would be introduced to a new set of

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