Citizenfour Film Summary

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) According to Messenger in Chapter 14, the Time Place Manner regulation are set to have five factors that can officially label restrictions as valid or not. These factors derive from the Heffron v. Int’l Soc. Of Krishna Consciousness. These five factors help determine the legality of punishing or restricting protests and other public speeches. The first factor is that the regulation must be content-neutral. This is when you cannot over or under. This has to be mainstream and both parties have to be on the same level of severity. Rules have to take into account interests of both parties. The second factor is that the government must have a valid interest. They are not allowed to regulate the problem of the government does not have an interest. …show more content…
First of all, talking about confidential information that includes wire tapping the United States National Security Agency has a big part with the law. Laura Poitras is one of the main focuses of the documentary. She is known to monitor programs after the incident of 9/11. In the movie, Laura Poitras receives an email from a “senior government employee in this intelligence community” and it turns out to be Edward Snowden who signs off the emails as “CitizenFour”. Edward Snowden contacted Poitras through encrypted emails; he wanted to expose classified documents through Poitras to show the American public. He talked about how the National Security Agency was lying to people in the Congress about how much they can intercept through the conversations they had with foreign affairs. After multiple meetings, Snowden finally released his identity in June. He was wanted in the United States and being overseas in Hong Kong did not help the government. Snowden was smart to apply for the refugee status with the United Nations Commissioner of the Refugees. He started to escape Hong Kong when he heard they were trying to send him back. There a multiple people who are in this movie such as Glenn Greenwild, the investigative journalist, Ewen MacAskill, the intelligence reporter, and William Binney, the highly intelligent official. He spoke about the NSA reports and programs.

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