Time Management Essay

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Time Management
With more students trying to continue while trying to continue their education, which is why older people are choosing distance online classes. Trying to incorporate work and family is hard, but I have trouble finding enough time for assignment. With a fulltime job and a family, I believe I could manage my time better, which is my problem I want to solve.
In this paper I will discuss the problem I have with time management. How I plan to evaluate the information to solve the problem. Last, this paper will explain how I will try to resolve my problem and possible solutions.
There never seem to be enough hours in the day to be able to finish everything for the day. I always seem to be running out of hours to get all I need
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Get a calendar, so I can keep track of all the appointments for me. I will write down everything need to do, even to the smallest detail. I will put my appointment in perspective, which is the most important, and which needs to be completed first. I want go on to the second job until I have completed the first. I will try to do the hardest job first so I can get them done and off my mind. If I have a large task to complete, I will try to divide it up into smaller jobs so I can complete it with less stress in my life.
If this does not work try a new system. I will try using my cell phone calendar or buy a PDA. If I have too many appointments to remember, try to put them in different colors. Use one color for the most important, the one’s that need to be done first.
If I still have trouble finding where I am wasting the most time, do I spend too much time watching television or surfing the Internet, or even talking on the phone. I will try to set a time limit and stick to it.
The next step that is important in solving my time management problem is to avoid sitting around doing nothing. I will plan ahead so when I have to wait at the doctors office or wait for something, I will plan ahead with a book to read for that paper or just balancing my checkbook, so I will have that out of the way and crossed off my list.
The last step is finding out when I am at my best and work on the hardest project then. This may

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