Time Management Essay

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The Role of Time Management in Graduate Student Success
Andra Opone
Florida Atlantic University

“Time is valuable - perhaps a fairly obvious thing to say, but if we all know it, why does anyone ever procrastinate? (Brian, 2000, p.14). Majority of graduate students procrastinate and if we do a survey to inquire why graduate students procrastinate, we would discover that the major reasons would be fear of failure, overwhelming school tasks or unclear task.
The habit of procrastination, which is common and gradually
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It is also essential to discover what works best for you in getting assignment or academic activities done on time without procrastinating. The key to controlling and ultimately combating this destructive habit is to understand how and why it happens (even to the best of us) and to take a few simple steps to better manage your time and outcomes (Rivera, 2007, p.6). Once a student can identify the major cause, what their strengths and weaknesses are then it is much easier for a student to set academic goals. The major reason why this is important is to help a student know where best to start planning from.
Then next step would be to ‘application’ knowing how to apply proper time management in achieving your academic goals. A student must have set goals. Once the goals are set, how to go about achieving them is one of the difficulties faced by many students. This is where the application of priority comes in. “The improper allocation of time, not setting goals and priority, spending more time with friends or last minutes preparation for examination, are some of the examples for poor time management behavior which have been commonly discussed as a prime source of weak academic performance (Gall, 1988; Longman & Atkinson, 1988; Walter & Siebert, 1981). The only way poor time management can be achieved is by planning and setting your task by scale of preference. One practical step

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