Time Management Is The Only Alternative Essay

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The World is a complex fast-paced environment that is always changing; but one thing that is always constant is time. Time cannot be altered in any way. One may often feel overwhelmed by all the tasks needed to get done in his or her allotted time. If one does not know how to manage time effectively, this can be very stressful and become a physical and emotional strain on a person. Time management is an area of many people’s lives especially college student’s lives that need to be worked on. Although many students want more hours in a day, which is just not a possibility; therefore, time management is the only alternative. Students should be able to develop a research strategy to aide in solving this time dilemma.
Today, time management is also a lifesaver for college and university students who, with full course loads, part time jobs and many other activities, often find themselves with no time for studying or recreation. According to Carter, Bishop, & Kravits (Carter, 2007), “time management allows you to complete work on a reasonable schedule and minimize stress.”. When considering how to manage time one must understand what the meaning of time management is. Effective time management will be rewarding as the student can achieve his or her goals and reduce the stress level in his or her daily life (Carter 2007). To find a solution the student must first find the causes of the problem, find tools that can address the issue, and then apply the tools in an effective manner.…

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