A Tale For The Time Being Character Analysis

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Time is Not a Containable Force Imagine a time when life is getting rough and the world just seems to really not care about what is happening. Disappointing events continue to happen and everything is on the opposing side of happiness. Time just seems to slip right from the hand and fly away like dandelions in the wind or like a slippery fish as the author mentioned. In Ruth Ozeki’s novel, A Tale for the Time Being, that is the same exact situation that the main character, Nao, is going through. Going to school is a constant battle, she hardly has any friends or family that she can gain support from, and she just cannot seem to catch a break. There are times for her when life is just one tremendous conflict. As Nao experiences these times …show more content…
Before Nao had moved to Japan she had a best friend named Kayla. Being friends with someone in a different country can be hard though, so Nao said, “Our chats and emails went nowhere, and then she started taking longer and longer to write me back, and after a while she just kind of disappeared. When I tried to find her online and she was always off even when I knew she had been on, I realized she had blocked me from her buddy list” (Ozeki 126). With Kayla being Nao’s only connection to her previous home it had to have been extremely difficult to comprehend why Kayla had stopped emailing her. They were not able to connect anymore on certain subjects, so Kayla decided to put an end to the communication. Nao did confess that she was not able to be completely honest with Kayla in the first place because she did not want her to know of how much of a loser she thought she had become. Another person who should have been there for Nao during these difficult times is her father, but he most definitely was not. From dissociating himself from the family and his multiple suicide attempts, he did not make it easy for Nao to see him as a support system. Nao stated, “I was mad at myself but I was even madder at my dad. I mean, I was a girl and still pretty young, so I had an excuse for being lame, but my dad was a grown-up man and had no

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