Time Is Constant, It Will Always Be Moving Forward Essay example

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Time is constant, it will always be moving forward. Making the hour and a half long drive to the beach does not seem so bad now but as a kid it seemed like an everlasting eternity in the backseat. At least, that’s the way I remember my families trips to the beach. I especially loved our Pismo camping trips because we would always leave on Fridays to beat the traffic and I would never have to go to school that day. I was nine years old turning ten this weekend and I was extremely excited. As me and my brothers helped my parents load up the trailer we were finally ready to depart on an amazing weekend. We were pulling our trailer along with us and was everyone strapped into my dad’s old maroon pickup truck driving through the hills. I remember my older brother and me drawing pictures in his binder full of school work. We would fight over a stupid game he and his friends played called connect the squares. My parents pretended to ignore it until we got out of hand and my dad would yell at us to be quiet. I looked at my brother and started snickering.
My older brother John-Layne was four-teen at this time and I was nine turning ten. We used to have big groups of friends go camping with us and a lot of my family would come. It was around four P.M. when we finally made it on the beach. We stopped to air down our tires so we would not get stuck, I popped open the truck door and the crisp wind just smacked me in my face. There is something about the wind from the beach, it is so…

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