Time Goes No Matter What Happen? Essay

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Time goes no matter what happen

Everyone knows that this is obviously true. However this is one of my beliefs. Because I sometimes forget this and waste my time to unnecessary things. We always determine time as another kind of value even though time is not visible. But some people like me sometimes forget the truth. And the value is all different depending on what kind of person they are. Some people think time is not precious. On the other hand some people think time is precious as diamond and gold. And the value can always fluctuates depending on what kind of life they are living. Time is fair to everyone it is just their responsibility to use their own time. When I was a kid, I didn’t aware that time is one kind of value.
But when I get old and after go to middle school. My life had been being pretty busy studying to go college and doing my homework.
At that time my life was not joyful and full of waiting for finishing school. The only time was playing basketball and playing with my friends. Eventually the final exam finished and I separated with my high school friends after graduation.
I legally became adult and my time became more relaxed and had more joyful nightlife.
But I also didn’t spend my time studying than when I was in high school. The thing is that I have much more joyful memories than when I was a minor. I finally realized that the happiness is the most precious value. But we also have to remember we can’t get good grades. So I have to use our…

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