Time Domain Reflectometer Analysis

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4.2.1 The fibers are usually in duplex. So one fiber is required for transmitting, and one for receiving. 4.2.2 Higher bandwidth, it carries light instead of electricity, and immunity to electrical interference.
4.2.3 Multiple photons of light create signal distortion, if used over a long distance.

4.4.1 The device type, the manufacturer, and the devices location. Use this device and do not use this device.
4.4.2 MTU, NetworkAddress, and TsoEnable. The provider, date, version, and signer. Click “Update Driver”, and a wizard launches.
4.4.3 Noise – signal interference. (UTP, coaxial)
Crosstalk – Electromagnetic interference received by one or more wires. (UTP, coaxial)
Interference – any undesired signal that hinders the reception of radio waves. (UTP, coaxial)
Open (open circuit) – when the switch of a circuit is open, preventing the electricity from circulating. (UTP, coaxial)
Short (short circuit) – when a connection between two nodes forces them to be at the same voltage. (UTP, coaxial)
Break – an interruption to the flow of current. (UTP, coaxial, SMF,

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