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Time Changes Life
If people ask me what kind of person I was back in my Elementary school days in China, I would tell them I was one of the laziest and worst students in the school. Whenever I go to school I got into fights with others and injured them. All teachers knew me because they all stopped me from bullying other students. Two times I got injured so badly that I had go to hospital to do surgery. I have no friends because all of them were scared of me. I never listened in class, I spended most of my time slept in class. My grades in school was unthinkable, every time there was a test I either turned in the paper in blank, ditched school, or slept out through the test.
During my fifth grade my family moved to the United States. After arrived to the U.S, I spent the first three months home and play games. My parents had to go to work everyday, so they didn’t have anytime to take care of me. Three months later my parents told me that I needed to go to school. My first reaction to it was, “this is not going to be good.” On the first day of school I was bored to death, I had no idea what the teacher was talking about. The teacher sent one of the student in the class to translate for me, however he wasn’t that good at Chinese, so I had a really hard time understanding what he translated about. In school I basically just slept and did nothing else, the teacher yelled at me for sleeping in his class, but I just ignored him; as time went by I got into middle school
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