Time Capsule Unearthed: the 1960's Revisited Essay

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Time Capsule Unearthed:
The 1960's Revisited
Michelle Houle
Kaplan University
SS310 - Sociology
Final Project

Time Capsule Unearthed: The 1960's Revisited
A poster with a large peace symbol on it (Rigby, A. (1998). A peace symbol's origins. Peace Review, 10(3), 475., )
The peace symbol was a very prominent part of the 1960’s since the era was filled with remembrance of the past wars merging with the new rawness of the Vietnam War. The symbol was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, . When the war started in 1954 no one thought it would go on as long as it had. During the 1960’s the war hit high gear and the government started or restarted the draft for the service. It was during this time the peace symbol came into play with
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President Kennedy was a well-loved president and was doing great things for the country trying to make it a better place for his fellow Americans. President Johnson continued on where JFK had left off. Things were going well for the peace talks and the possible ending of the war thanks to the work of JFK and the continuation of President Johnson’s help.

Beatles stuff
The next article was what was determined to be a vinyl record, a very popular way to listen to recorded music during the era, from a band known as The Beatles.
The “British Invasion” took the country by storm in 1964 the Beatles were a very popular group their songs held much meaning to many of the young in the US. When they arrived in the USA they were greeted by screaming swooning groups of girls. The music they played rang true to many. The lead singer/songwriter did a great job of listening to the world and figuring out what was going on, he wrote songs about love, peace and even war the major things that had been going on at the time.
The words struck a chord with so many people that the Beatles became a sort of symbol for the 1960’s. The sang about all things both good and bad but never really picked one side or the other.

Civil Rights & Women’s Rights
The 1960’s was a long tense era with people fighting on both sides a fence, those that are for equal rights for both women and

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