Time and Distance Overcome Essay

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Time and Distance Overcome
Mankind has since the beginning of time invented things that had changed the world whether it was something as simple as a stone weapon to kill off animals or something huge, life-changing as the telephone. We humans have always been extremely curious. We follow our own instincts and new ideas are formed. In 1870s Alexander Graham Bell invented what now has become the most important thing in our modern world – the telephone. But it was not was not as widely accepted as it is now, on the contrary. Mr. Bell had to deal with all the obstacles and criticism before it was accepted because at that time ‘’The world was not waiting or the telephone’’ (P. 7, ll. 1-2)
The text ‘’Time and distance overcome’’ is written by
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The text then began to inform us of these horrific actions against black men and the use of what we today consider completely harmless and necessary – the telephone. The invention of this new technology is amazing and life-changing in itself but its history is barbaric and made us realize that the world and its people may not have been ready for this type of invention back then or that we should have waited.
The composition of this text is a bit different as it is divided into three parts or sections, each with different contents. The first section, we are presented with the history of the telephone, its background and how it came to be. The second segment, though, brings us in a darker mood. In this segment, the writer, Biss, informs us about the so-called war between people and how many went to the extreme to keep the telephone poles from being erected and therefore maintain the landscape. The main theme of the second section is about the lynching of black people in the US. This section shows us the cruelty of the world. We know that black people have always been a minority in the US society, but the length some people are willing to go for their belief is truly disturbing. It is also quite ironic how an object that was invented for humans to use was being used against humans.
‘’That could see us all connected through one branching cable’’ (p. 7 ll.

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