Tim Of A Successful College Graduate Essay

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After conducting an in-depth interview with successful college graduate, Tim Love, I have formed multiple connections from his college experience to ideas presented in past readings, lectures and discussions. Before explaining my findings, I think it is important to note that Tim is a thirty-three year-old married father of one daughter (soon-to-be two daughters) who works as a dean for Loyola University where he attended college and received a major in Italian.

The first insight I formed was that Tim’s idea of success is fairly equivalent to that of a successful person as defined by this course’s instructors. Tim’s idea of success is being able to work hard at something, such as solving a problem, while being able to produce an unintentional reward for yourself and others, such as the benefits of finding a solution to a problem.

So why exactly is Tim an example of a successful college graduate? Soon after completing his studies, Tim was given the opportunity to work as a dean for Loyola University. He enjoys using his liberal education skills to solve the issues of numerous college students, thus improving the campus as a whole. After thinking about all of this, it has become apparent to me that success is not something achieved for oneself, but for the betterment and success of others as well. Ultimately, Tim’s passion of solving a problem and ability to pursue that passion is what truly defines success.

Another insight that I took away from speaking with Tim was…

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