Tim Cook 's Leadership Style Essay example

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Tim cook is the current CEO of Apple, Inc., the world’s most valuable company to date. Before being appointed to the position in 2011, Tim was Apple’s Chief Operating Officer and was responsible for the company’s worldwide sales and operations. He was also responsible for all supply chain strategies, as well as creating relationships with global customers and providing service and support for all products across the global market. Tim’s leadership style is something to be admired given that he is the successor the late Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind some of the greatest technological advances to date. Tim has not only become a successful CEO, but he has also used his past experiences to keep Apple in the number one spot. Through product differentiation, superior design, strategic marketing moves and distinctive leadership Tim has created a new path for the company that will continue to make Apple a successful company for years to come.

Leadership Style Cook knew the kind of stressors that came with becoming the CEO of the highest valued company in the world. After all, he had filled in a temporary CEO at least three times during Job’s medical absences. However, he states that he was not prepared for the kind of scrutiny that came with the position once he was there full time. Cook claims that he knew what Steve dealt with only on a theoretical or academic level was the responsibility of being a heat shield for the rest of the company, according to an article…

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