Tigers Effect on the Ecosystem Essay

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There are many factors that are limiting the strength of our ecosystem. These factors have made many environments around the world very vulnerable. The main ecosystem I will focus on will be the habitats that tigers live in. More specifically I will focus on the effects that tigers have on their ecosystem and what would happen if tigers we to unfortunately go extinct. The tiger is one of the biggest components in its ecosystem besides for humans. Without tigers in their ecosystem their environment would completely fall into disarray(4). To fully understand how the tiger effects it`s ecosystem you must fully know the status of this animal as of right now. Less than one hundred years ago tigers roomed most of Asia. They could be …show more content…
People also kill tigers without knowing. Humans do this by hunting or catching the tigers prey. This in turn lowers the tiger’s food supply that can hurt them. The territory of a single tiger may cover 25 to 300 sq. miles depending on the availability of prey. When the population of prey decrease, the more territory a single male tiger needs to occupy, and when humans continue their acts of deforestation (through burning or

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