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ES8005 – Chapter 1

A system is any portion of the universe that can be isolated for the purpose of observing & measuring changes
A system must have a boundary that sets it apart from its surroundings

3 basic types of systems

1. Isolated system * Boundary prevents the system from exchanging BOTH matter & energy with its surroundings. * Both matter and energy within the system are fixed & finite because none can enter and none can leave the system. * Imaginary – impossible for any real boundary to be so perfectly insulated that energy can neither enter or escape.

2. Closed system * Boundary permits the exchange of energy, but not matter within its surroundings * Matter within the system
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* The residence time is determined by the interaction of factors ie physical, chemical, biologic properties of the material itself, properties of reservoirs etc

Earth system Reservoirs Earth is a closed system – the amount of matter is fixed and finite: Mineral resources are limited
Waste materials remain confined within earth
If changes are made in one part of a closed system, the results of those changes eventually will affect other parts of the system.

The place where Earth’s 4 reservoirs interact most intensively is called a life zone ( No wider than 20km apart) * Geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere. * Conditions favourable for life are created as a result by interactions between the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere & modifield by the BIOSPHERE.

Geosphere – Any naturally formed, non-living mass of solid matter that constitutes part of a planet and regolith (loose blanket of uncemented rock particles) * Surface of the geosphere – where energy that comes into the earth system from outside sources meets energy that comes from within the planet.

Hydrosphere – Totality of Earth’s water/ Provide critically important services along with the atmosphere as they store, purify and continually redistribute water.

Atmosphere – mixture of gases ; very thin layer – protects life from damaging solar radiation.

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