Tiger In The Snow Short Story Analysis

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The Lottery by Shirley Jackson and Tiger in the Snow by Daniel Wynn Barber are two short stories with similar themes and genres. Themes such as suspense are used by both authors and are used in various ways by the two authors to engage readers. The plot structure of both of these stories are very similar, with the conventional plot structure up until the falling action and conclusion. Both stories use the same narrative perspective however, the way it engages with the reader is vastly different as well as the characterisation techniques used in the stories. Both authors are also able to efficiently use various literary techniques to convey the message of their story and engage the reader.
Whilst The Lottery and Tiger in the Snow are both the same genre, the way each story conveys moods and themes are completely different. Both
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The orientation of both stories provides very little details for the reader, immediately having the reader think about the outcome of the story. The line, “The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day…” in The Lottery would convince readers that the story is a standard real-life genre story, helping create suspense as the story unfolds. Tiger in the Snow employs a similar strategy, convincing the reader that it would be an ordinary story except that Barber provides subtle references to the outcome of the story such as “…feeling the night swallow him in a single hungry gulp” and “But this evening was different” to compel the reader to read on. Both authors execute their climax with an unexpected plot twist, with the stoning in The Lottery and the death of Justin in Tiger in the Snow. The twist positions the reader to question the morality of the lottery and the meaning of the tiger and is helped by the seemingly ordinary scenario presented in the

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