Tiffany Riffo Analysis

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Power Rankings
13. Tiffany Rousso – Tiffany’s biggest problem is something called a social game! It just does not exist and she sketches the other houseguest out. Everyone feels she’s going to be a paranoid mess and it reminds them of her sister Vanessa. No one is loyal to her in this game and she’s an easy scapegoat to leave this week. Her closes allies were Michelle, Paulie and Da’vonnne who all played a direct role in her undoing this week.
12. Bronte D’Acquisto – If the vote flips, then she will be the evictee this week. Bronte is only loyal to her spy girls and refuses to connect with the other side of the house. If she survives this week, she could be on the hot seat next week. Bronte has a chance to slide through because the cracks are
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Frank Eudy – The number one target going into next week. His own allies are trying to throw head of household just to take him out of the game. He’s ruffled a lot of negative feathers with his comments towards the women and it’s come back to haunt him. He’s a dead man walking without an HOH or POV this week.
10. Bridgette Dunning – If Frank wins POV, I could see her leaving the game next week to weaken Frank. A lot noticed their bond is a lot stronger when he slept up in the HOH, but more importantly, controlled her entire HOH week. Bridgette’s only connections in the house are the spy girls and they should be concerned about her relationship with Frank too. She knows he won roadkill and put her own ally in the line of fire. But Bridgette would rather be Frank’s goat instead of a spygirl at the moment.
9. Da’vonne Rogers – Day’s game went wrong when she decided to go paranoid under the last HOH. She made everyone so suspicious of Tiffany that she Is directly responsible for her landing on the block. The sad thing for Day is, Tiffany was loyal to her and she could not trust her in the game because of Vanessa’s shadow. Now Nicole is coming after her because she can’t trust after she made it obvious she wasn’t down to work with the showmances. Not to mention, Frank wants her gone and he could easily roadkill her on the

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