Essay Thyroid Cancer : Good And Bad News

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There is good and bad news about getting Thyroid cancer, the bad news is that it’s cancer, and cancer sucks, the good news is that most thyroid cancer can be treated successfully. My goal in righting this paper is to educate my reader and anyone else out there who wants to know just a little bit more about Thyroid cancer. I want to teach the reader what Thyroid cancer can do to the body and how they can go about treating it. Let’s start out with what is Thyroid cancer? Thyroid cancer is mainly focused in the thyroid glands. Follicular cells make thyroid hormones, you don’t want to have too much or too little thyroid hormones. C cells make calcitonin which regulates how the body uses calcium. Most tumors are benign, meaning non-cancerous however “1 in 20” are cancerous and can spread, these are called thyroid nodules. Solid nodules are more at risk of being cancerous than fluid-filled nodules (American Cancer Society). This disease is cancer but also can be genetic based on family history. This disease is more common in older adults. The way this disease can happen is cells start to grow abnormally in the thyroid which can be from a change in the DNA replication. Healthy cells then have to work harder to stay healthy along with keeping the rest of the body healthy and making sure they are doing their job.
Some symptoms are a lump on the neck, swelling in the neck, pain in the front of the neck that can continue up into the ears, voice changes that will not go back to…

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