Through the Looking Glass Symbolisms Essay

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In “Through the looking Glass” Lewis Carroll uses symbolism to convey the harsh effects of capitalism such as insatiable greed, a never ending desire formore and better, and the loss of innocence children face as a result of the knowledge of capitalism and money.

A lot of objects in “Through the looking Glass” can be viewed as symbols, but nothing clearly represents one thing in particular. The symbolic reverberations of the objects are contained to the individual episode in which they appear. Often these symbols work together to convey a certain meaning. Carroll blurs the boundaries between being awake and being asleep so that it becomes difficult to tell where reality ends and dreaming begins. The Looking-Glass World is the world
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Alice has a nostalgic desire in that she focuses her energy and emotion trying to attain her childlike innocence that she must abandon as she matures. Alice fails to understand that in Looking-Glass World she must do everything backwards. She gets confused when the rose advises her to “walk the other way” to reach the Red Queen. Alice relates to the Red Queen how she is “lost” because she does not realize that the mirror one has to move away from an object to get closer to it. The path seems to actively punish her for failing to understand the properties of Looking-Glass World, purposely rearranging itself to get her off track. The principles of inversion do not solely affect space and distance but also movement. The faster Alice moves, the less distance she covers, so that when she runs she never seems to leave her initial position. Alice becomes a pawn in the game of chess and discovers that the World closely follows the strict rules of chess. Alice realizes that she is a pawn that can only move forward one “square” at a time, despite the fact that she seems to conduct a degree of imaginative control over Looking-Glass World. While the Queen seems to “vanish” because she can travel quickly across the board, just as a Queen has greater mobility in a

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