Thrill Rides And Amusement Park Essay

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"Why the fascination with these places, even to the point of repetitive visits?" Every summer time, millions of people choose to spend their vacation at amusement parks, such as Six Flags and Disneyland Park. Most of people visit Disneyland in Anaheim, California making it the second most visited park in the world. This because of people having fun. People are fascinated by amusement park because they are like rides, foods, and the shows at the Park. Kids and adults enjoy Amusement Park ride because it is fun and relaxing. If you haven 't tried it, you should try it. The Amusement Parks have rides such as Gold Striker, Flight Desk, Grizzly, Firefall, Tiki Twirl, Delirium, Demon, Drop tower, Psycho Muse, Vortex, H.M.B Endeavor, and Xtreme skyflyer. I don 't know how to explain how to you, but I searched most of the evidences from "Thrill Rides & Amusement." I tried most of these roll coaster and I don 't try it again. Because it make my headache and also it really fun. I 'm pretty sure most of us did try this crazy thing. In California, Gold Striker is the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster and it stands 108.2 feet high and travels 57.3 but they don 't allow people who have a health problem to ride on. Flight Deck is the incredible suspend jet coaster because it soars through a 360-degree vertical loop, two 270 degrees after burn turns, a full-circle wingover and a zero-gravity roll. The Grizzly is one of the scary roller coasters because it rugged hill and humps…

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