Threshold 4: Greco-Roman Universe

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Thresholds 1, 2, & 3:
In threshold 1, 2, and 3 the beginning of the Greco-Roman universe was never truly empty, there was nothing but Chaos. Chaos as it was called, was described as darkness and disorder. According to Greco-Roman theory, there were no gods present in the beginning- though in time, a god of nature separated light and dark, soft and hard, weight from weightless, etc. The godly being separated those spaces with gods that we know of today. Then, 4 forces appeared fire, light, air and light. The stars emerged into existence and they are believed to be a pathway to the royal palace of gods.

Threshold 4: Earth, land, oceans, sky and weather.
In threshold 4, the planet Earth emerged out of water which is also chaos, with the help
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The origin of plants, fish, birds, mammals and other living things came from their powers. The ocean was designated for the fish and marine life. The land, terrestrial ecosystem is for mammals and the sky is for the aerial beings like birds. An example of how the gods create life is Ceres, she is the Goddesses of plants and agriculture. Surprisingly, horses and fish, mammals and marine life is controlled by the God of the sea, Neptune or otherwise known as Poseidon. New living beings come into being through reproduction. It can be between animal and animal, human and human, two divine gods/goddesses or gods/goddesses mating with human. An example of god/goddess mating with humans is Hercules. Living things can also come from just the help of divine gods and goddesses. In particular we learned in Parallel myths, after the great flood, the two survivors, Deucalion and Pyrrha got advice to help repopulate the earth. The story goes, they were ordered to “cast the bones of their mother” (Metamorphoses page 24). That being said, Deucalion and Pyrrha repopulated the Earth by throwing Gaia's bones (rocks) behind their backs. This shows how beings can be made out of nothing. Another example is in The Giants, the giants climb and ascend to Olympus to try to overthrow Jupiter. Unfortunately, they are destroyed by Jupiter and their blood is able to soak in the earth. This is enough to create and mass produce humans. Lastly, in the Creation Myth the universe emerged out of nothing and certain organism can be found in different

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