Three Ways In Which Rats Are Similar To Humans Essay

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1) List at least three ways in which rats are similar to humans. a) Rats, just as humans, give birth to living young.

b) It has been shown that rats and humans can contract the same diseases.

c) We have similar anatomy

2) Describe a rat 's foot structure and for what it might be useful. How is this similar to a human’s foot? How is this different from humans? Rats have two hind feet with five toes, and on each toe is a sharp nail. Its hind feet are significantly larger than it’s front paws. They can stretch out to cover more surface area in case of difficult terrain. Its nails are also used to dig holes in the ground for their homes. It is similar to a human foot because we also have five toes with a nail on each toe, although ours
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10) Can rats digest cellulose from plants? Explain why or why not.

Yes, because they have other bacteria in different parts of their intestines designed to breakdown cellulose, even thought they do not have the proper enzymes.

11) Explain the basic differences between the male reproductive system and the female reproductive system of the rat. Identify both internal and external differences.

Male rats have testes found in the scrotum and in the scrotum, sperm is generated in the seminiferous tubules. Female rats have ovaries and fallopian tubes that lead to the uterus. Female rats have uterine horns to house many offspring at once. The offspring travel through the uterus past the cervix and vagina through the vulva into the outside. This is a different opening from the urethral orifice, where female rats excrete urine. Male rats have one urogenital opening which both urine and semen is excreted.

12) Explain the function of the kidneys in the body.

Kidneys withdraw toxins from the blood, excess salt and urea. They regulate how much water should stay or leave the body. They also regulate blood pressure by filtering

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