Essay on Three Strengths

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Three Strengths Essay

Everyone has personal strengths that they utilize on the daily basis. In life we encounter experiences that help us identify our strengths as individuals. In the past, I’ve had several job experiences that tested what I believe to be are my greatest strengths. I believe each of these strengths speak to my character and will provide me with boundless opportunities in the future.
One of my greatest strengths is my ability to be well-organized at all times. Growing up, I always lived in a very well put together household. Observing my moms need to keep the house spick-and-span, I picked up on her tidy habits. Everything in my room has a place which makes it easy to find something when it is needed. Being organized
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Whether it be in the workplace or in my personal life, I give 100% to anything that I put my mind to. While working as a seasonal sales associate at Victoria’s Secret Pink, my dedication was really put to the test. I was new and I had a lot to learn with limited time if I wanted to be recognized as an exceptional sales associate. To help familiarize myself with the products, when business was slow, I would walk my section thoroughly and try to remember all of the different styles of apparel. Once I got familiar with the styles, selling became that much easier and my SPH (sales per hour) had a significant increase. My dedication was also utilized during closing tasks at the end of the workday. While my co-workers would sloppily fold the merchandise to rush home, I would take my time and make sure everything was in perfect order. This involved me scrunching the sleeves on long-sleeve sweaters and knit tops, making sure each panty on the panty bar was in color and size order, and ensuring that all bras were on hangers facing the same direction. After months of completing perfect closes, my store manager, recognizing my had work, offered me a temporary position as a Visual Tech. This position entailed doing tasks similar to those at Fossil except I was now dealing with mannequins and apparel instead of just watches. Being dedicated is a great strength to obtain because it allows you to push yourself beyond what’s

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