Three Psychological Theories Essay

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In this essay I am going to analyse three psychological theories and how those helps us to understand human behaviour and mental health disorders. I will also evaluate two psychological therapies and their effectiveness on tackling problem of mental health disorders.

Behaviouristic psychology believes that human behaviour is shaped entirely by responses from our environment and similarly to statements of psychodynamic approach- by experiences from our past. This approach deny that genes can have impact on our behaviour nor increase the susceptibility of suffering for mental health disorders. Determinism of behaviourism can be seen as a disadvantage as it’s limited especially in field of finding the causes of abnormal behaviour but also due
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This statement can be seen as a disadvantage for this theory as it exclude impact of genetic factors, thinking, memory as well as current situation of individual especially in case of mental health disorders.
To study human behaviour psychodynamic psychologists are using case studies. This method have many strengths such as opportunity to study behaviour of individuals or specific groups of individuals in more detail and therefore receive more accurate results. However this don’t allow psychologists to generalise results of the research and apply them on the wider scale. Also fact that this method is unscientific it is difficult to prove if results of observation/research are right or wrong.
This theory can help to explain Jamie’s depression as losing one of parents can be seen as traumatic event for a young boy.

Biological theory is different in its findings. Biological theory assume that psychological and physiological disorders are similar and therefore can be treated in the same way. Scientific approach of this theory is a big advantage as all findings are linked to e.g. medicine. Also there is an evidence that both genetic and biochemical factors have impact on our psychological health and development of psychological illnesses such as depression or schizophrenia. However weakness of this theory is fact that actually not all psychological disorders have
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This therapy is focused on exploring the roots of mental health disorders can be seen as advantage as we can believe that client can benefit from this awareness for longer time. However not every person will accept thought that their current distress can be caused by factor of which they are not aware of or by something that happened in their childhood. Being focussed on clients’ past experience exclude not only important biological factors such as genetic inherence or significant changes in hormones but also current situation of client. Considering Jamie’s situation we could say that this therapy wouldn’t be helpful to tackle his depression. Firstly, he is too young to as exploring his unconsciousness could actually make more damage to his mental health. Also factors that have triggered his depression are well known and don’t require such a deep investigation of his

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