Three Pillars Of Sustainability Essay

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The first core reading notes summarises the definition of sustainability and the various concepts and characteristics of systems and how they are fundamental to ensure that sustainability has been secured. However, the main focus throughout the text is the concept of the three pillars of sustainability including; environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and social sustainability. Environmental sustainability is the capability of the environment to support and provide a high level environment and natural resource removal consistently. The Earth depends on healthy living systems to purify air and provide food supplies. Economic sustainability is the ability of the economy to constantly support a large economic production, in order for this to work each system must be distributed fairly, allowing people to meet their basic needs. Social sustainability is used to ensure a social system such as a country or a family is able to function at a defined level. This is highly important as the decline in social sustainability will result in a decrease of life quality.

Most of the aspects of the chosen text are irrelevant to the chosen essay issue, however, the main focus point of the text allows examples and definitions of the three pillars of sustainability to be
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The sustainability triad allows the students to view the environmental, economic and social values and the domain in between the three. The domain is the area in which the systems can still operate consistently and in suitable congruence among the three pillars. This section of the article is also important to the chosen essay issue as it allows the researcher to place the appropriate examples and ideas in the correct domains and to view whether the environment would continue to be sustainable if one or all pillars were

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