Three Miles By Chana Joffe Walt Essay

814 Words Mar 7th, 2016 4 Pages
The values that form the foundation of one’s life dictate the choices and determine the direction that one’s life will encounter. These values will influence the decisions related to relationships, career, and other activities that one is engaged in. Despite the importance, few people choose their values. Instead, they simply adopt the values of their parents and the dominant values of their society. A tremendous example of this is the podcast, “Three Miles” by Chana Joffe-Walt. This podcast focuses on two young females that came from a very poor high school and neighborhood; who were given a great opportunity to get a chance to experience the life of rich students through a pen-pal program with another school. This program 's purpose was to expose life to those who thought that they wouldn’t make it out of the social class barriers. These two young ladies that partook in this program is Raquel and Melanie, both came from the same background, but had two different impacts on their lives. Raquel and Melanie’s backgrounds were similar because they came from a poor neighborhood and had a passion for school, but they turned out very differently. Raquel has risen above all circumstances and Melanie did not.
Melanie and Raquel both grew up poor and loved school. Because they lived in a poor neighborhood in the South Bronx, they attended a poorly funded public school. In this podcast, “Three Miles” Chana Joffe -Walt, the interviewer gives the audience some information on the…

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