Three Key Experiences That Have Solidified My Commitment To Education

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Statement of Purpose
Personal There are three key experiences that have solidified my commitment to education. My childhood was challenging, and helped me realize that all students have the ability to succeed. My first job in education, tutoring, helped me realize that I’m a really good teacher. Finally my most recent job has empowered me to feel passionate about how we can better service our students through public education. Each stage in my life has continually pushed me closer to becoming a system level leader in education. I think I always knew I would end up in education. Ever since I can remember I have mentally been collecting things into my “teacher basket” ideas that are useful, recall techniques, and lessons I’ve
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It was soon after I started that I realized the leadership on campus was severely lacking, and still is, even though it has become increasingly better over the years. It was my intention to obtain my principal certificate after getting some teaching experience. The lack of attention to detail spurned me to start thinking of how to improve the system. I spent most of my time trying to keep up with lessons, and paper work, but when I had time my mind would turn to how to stream line the system. How could our school be better? This has been one of many driving thoughts over the past seven years. Eventually, my mind wondered so far that I started thinking about how our country could be …show more content…
It seemed that I had worked so hard, and still failed my students. I knew how important it was for students to have an effective teacher in their classroom every year. My students start off behind, and I never wanted to be the reason that they would fall further behind. I spent my summer that year researching techniques, attending workshops, and planning for the first week of school. It was apparent to me that I needed to step up my game. However, my success is in large part due to my colleagues that I worked closely with my third and fourth years teaching. I was Pod leader, and there was a Language Arts Teacher (myself), a science teacher, a math teacher, a reading teacher, and a social studies teacher who all taught the same students. The reading teacher and I worked very closely together those two years to make sure that the students were getting all the information they needed, and being in a Pod really helped us support our families and students in a cohesive manner. Raising my CEI score from an 11% to an 84% was a great accomplishment, but having other teachers that I could closely collaborate with and truly support the students was what helped me accomplish that

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