Easy Printing: The Three Elements Of Motivation

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Question 2a

The three elements of motivation are direction, intensity and persistence (Robbins, S., & Judge, T, 2017).
Intensity is how hard the person tries to achieve the goal

Favourable job-performance outcome will only be achieved if the effort is funnelled to the right direction that benefits the organization.

Persistence is how long can the person continue their effort.
In the case study, it is evident that the teams were given a direction of motivation which is the target to be met by each team. Intensity was in a form decision making within their own team on the daily operation to resolve any problem they face. Persistence is self-decision by the individual employee to acknowledge the direction and intensity then persistence can
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When the perception of the person sees the effort and outcome to be the same as the target, then he/she will see fairness and equity exist for themselves. In equity theory, there is 6 choices a person can make in an inequity situation, change input, change outcome, distort perception of self, distort perception of others, choose a different referent and leave the field (Robbins, S., & Judge, T, 2017).
In the case of Easy Printing, Mr Lim felt inequity towards Mr Toh because of unfair treatment towards him on the promotion. He felt that he should be more deserving to hold the manager title than Mr Toh who just acquired his MBA in a year and does not have any knowledge and experience in the printing industry. Mr Lim chooses to change his input towards his work and with restructuring of the department. Being organized in teams, increase his negativity as he doubts of his role as a supervisor. In the process, Mr Lim stayed silent during conflict between the teams and did not give feedback to support the operation. This action led to the teams feeling disoriented and the teams fell apart and went back into their comfort

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