Three Characteristics Of Bilbo In The Lord Of The Flies

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“Let’s have no more argument. I have chosen Mr Baggins and that ought to be enough for all of you. If I say he is a Burglar, a Burglar he is, or will be when the time comes. There is a lot more in him than you guess, and a deal more than he has any idea of himself. You may (possibly) all live to thank me yet(19).” Even though all the Dwarfs didn’t believe in Bilbo, Gandalf knew all along that Bilbo could become a hero. Gandalf could see past the scared, orderly, and calm part of Bilbo to the selfless, humble, and cleverness part of Bilbo. He knew that once Bilbo embraced the other side of him, then he would become a great hero. These three traits that Bilbo has make him a hero; selflessness, humility, and cleverness.
The first heroic trait
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Many hero’s get overconfident in themselves and begin to be think only of themselves; this is the downfall of many once great hero’s. One example of a hero that wasn’t humble, and payed for it, is Jack from The Lord Of The Flies. He became the leader of the hunters, but believed that he deserved more power and this created a desire for power that destroyed him. As the novel continued Jack began to become wild and cruel. Another example of a hero gone bad is Tighten from the movie Megamind. He was a normal person, who had an insanely giant and creepy crush on his co-worker, which led to disaster and his downfall. He became a hero and was looking to do good and to help others, but his goal all along was to woo his co-worker. As soon as he realized she wasn’t wooed by his strength and superpowers he went crazy and attacked the city he once protected. Tighten was changed because he was not humble and could only think of how his powers weren’t shown the respect he thought they deserve. Bilbo was very much unlike these heroes, he was humble and didn’t become overconfident in his burglar abilities. “()” Obviously, Bilbo is unlike Jack or Tighten and is instead very humble giving one more heroic trait to his already amazing …show more content…
For someone to be a good hero, they must be willing to give up their desires and look only to help others. This is Bilbo’s best and most important trait. Selflessness is what makes a true hero, and it makes Bilbo a complete hero. There are many times when Bilbo showed he was selfless and didn’t care about his desires. One of the main occurrences was when he decided to go back to help Thorin and Company once they were captured by the Woodland Elves. “He did not wish to desert the dwarves, and indeed he did not know where in the world to go without them(174).” His desire was not to desert the Dwarfs and even if it was his desire, helping the had become like second nature and he didn’t what else he would do. Like a true hero Biblo had already given up his desires of being back in his hobbit hole and wanted to help the Dwarfs in any possible way. The Dwarfs being captured brought out a lot of great traits in Bilbo, obviously selflessness, courage, and cleverness. Another time Bilbo showed complete selflessness was when he gave the Arkenstone to Bard and the Lake People. “‘What of the Arkenstone of Thrain” said he.(Bard)... “How came you by it?” shouted Thorin... I gave it to them!” squeaked Bilbo...(276)” Not only did Bilbo give Bard and the Lake People the Arkenstone to stop a war from breaking out between the Lake People and Thorin and Company, but he admitted to it as well. He had no desire to

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