Three Branches Of The Constitution Essay

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Once we mention the great contribution that America has done for itself and citizens, it must be the Constitution. The great Constitution created the relative integrated law-making system for America. As we know, no single country or government can stand without laws, and there is no doubt that an influential law-making system can bring most of the benefits to the government and citizens. In addition, the part of the Constitution that has the important function and great effect on law enforcement is the three branches of the Constitution. The three branches are legislative branch, executive branch and judicial branch. The separation power of the Constitution checks and balances the laws of America, and describes the division of power under …show more content…
The aim of the judicial branch is to interpret laws in order to decide the meaning of them and if they have been followed in specific and real cases. Since the idea and the function have been established, the process or the way that to implement this idea have also been created. There is one sentence that is intended by the framers that is “ supreme law of the Land.” This shows that no other laws by the government or by any states can against with the Constitution. Judicial branch protect the Constitution well and consists federal courts and judges. Article III creates the Supreme Court, which is the highest court of the country so that the federal courts are created below the Supreme Court. The courts deal with United States laws instead of the state laws, and federal judges are appointed instead of elected. Congress has set nine members that are justices for the Supreme Court, and as they are appointed, justices usually serve for it for life. The other important duty that significant is the judicial branch has to judge whether laws and executive actions are constitutional or not. According to carry out this scheme, the Supreme Court regulates the judicial review, which is the power of the Supreme Court to decide if laws made by the legislative and executive branches are unconstitutional. Judicial review proves that the Supreme Court is the role of protecting the “ supreme law of the Land.” The three branches limit the power of each other and the government’s power. Also, for avoiding one branch to dominate the others, the framers developed a system that is called checks and balances, which makes each branch is able to limit the powers of the other two branches. The function of checks is to block the actions of another branch, and balances allow each branch to have role in the actions and power of the others. Checks and balances is one of the most important features of the U.S.

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