Three Best Friends Of Riley Matthews From Girl Meet World Essay

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Farkle Minkus is one of three best friends of Riley Matthews from girl meet world. Farkle is well known for being a genius in his school. Just like his father Stuart Minkus, he cares about his education, that he actually likes to learn. He always keeps his grades up, and being a teacher’s pet to Corey Matthews also known as Riley’s father. His friends will describe him as a kind, colorful, confident person, and is always cheerful in all situation. Farkle is also socially awkward, he doesn 't know how to handle certain situation at times. He tends to miss a lot of social cues, doesn 't have the inability to understand love/emotion, and has a blind focus on topics. He can memorize facts and information easily, especially topics that are interesting to him. Farkle Minkus has an intense obsession with a specific subject called farkle time. Farkle time is phrase to describe a period of time in class, where he takes over the class to teachs variety of subjects he knows. Farkle can also be clumsy, when he doesn 't pay attention on what 's going around him. Farkle also has, the lack of giving eye contact with people around him. Farkle sometime doesn 't know how to show or give back emotion to a person. When Farkle took his IQ and aptitude test, they told him that he was a genius,He already knew that, but they also told him he has Asperger 's disorder.
Asperger Syndrome Disorder (ASD) was founded by Han asperger. Han identified the behavior and ability in asperger syndrome. He…

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