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History in the Making Beginning with the Three Eras of American Policing
American policing began in the middle 1800’s. Policing began to change America with the first era of policing. There are a total of three eras of policing. Each era of policing changed over time and advanced during each era. The first era is called the political era. It lasted from 1840 to 1930. The second era is called the reform era. The reform era lasted from 1930 to 1970. The last era is called the community-problem solving era. It started in 1970 and we are still using it to the present day. Together, the three eras of policing has created history in American policing. The political era focuses on satisfying politicians. In this era, there is
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In the reform era, things began to change and became more technical. There was more of a focus on professionalism and training. The police had to be trained or educated in their profession as an officer. Treatment was to be fair. The increased level of training improved things. The police had more power because they were trained. The people had less of a say so over decisions and safety. The police had to deal with all criminal activity. The people were discouraged from being involved in any criminal activity to prevent them from getting hurt.
The people agreed it was time for a change. Communities wanted to be more involved. This led the Community Problem Solving era. The communities wanted new police strategies and to focus on crime control and prevention. It focused on drugs and crime. The community wanted to cut down crime and solve the issues they were facing. Even as we live in this era, crime is still going on and we fight to keep drugs out of our community. Policing is still unfair and I don’t think it will ever be fair. I hope in the near future with the new eras to come that we can get it together and live in a fair world.
I believe that the political era had the most impact because it set the foundation. It was not the most perfect era but it set the example of how the police and government should handle
Hills 3 things and fights crime. The police still help with many of the same problems today. In conclusion, I am looking forward to the new

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