The Consequences Of Bullying

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In our generation bullying has become a more common thing to do, especially online because all it takes is a click of a button. Even though there is much more worse things going around the world like, terroristic threats, uncurable diseases, bullying is a cruel thing to do to anyone because it could cause the person to develop a mental problem, do poorly in school, and cause them to commit suicide.

Unquestionably the way we act, how we dress, and what were involved in is a factor that contributes into bullying because, all humans do is judge the book by its cover. Technically if you stand out the crowd you will get bullied for it because people are not used to seeing different (Byellin). For example, this may come
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That is what our communities do when they find out someone had been bullied. What schools do to prevent bullying really all depends on what the school is like. But all schools are the same and they will enforce their rules, and monitor the bully (Reed). If the school even suspects the bullying is still occurring then they will revive very serious consequences such as being suspended or expelled. The most important thing some schools do is make the bully understand what he/she did was wrong and make them apologize. What schools could do to help prevent bullying is, when a semester begins they could show videos about what bullying caused the individual,and what the bully got as a consequence. Although the schools may not do a good job to stop or prevent bullying, we have a community that will stand up those in need of help, so it 's up to us to change the world. Many schools are very strict about bullying and will not hesitate to punish for it. That is why you must be careful with how you are with …show more content…
It is a natural human instinct to help out those in need. Parents must talk to their child to check up on them too see if everything in school is going fine and that the aren 't being bullied. Kids need to know they can rely on someone and to not be afraid to tell the truth ( Auld). Everyone has heard of the saying “what doesn 't kill you makes you stronger”, and it is true if you are being bullied you need to understand that if you ignore the bully, then they will stop bothering you. It is because they seem to have lost interest in you since you no longer show you care so it gives them no pleasure to see you happy without a worry. In the end you must realize that you cannot let bullying get to you, it will soon be irrelevant in the future. So don 't let it get to you, be the bigger person, and be confident in who you are,and if you are then pretty soon you 'll be bully

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