`` Thou Shalt Not `` Essay examples

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The word of god says if you had heeded my commands, then you peace would flow like a river. He also states happy are ye that keep my commands. The essence of these words are simply foolishness to the unconverted heart. For those however; who have tasted and seen that god is good it is life unto them. There was a time in my life when i bought into the lies of the enemy. I saw god as being restrictive, his laws too rigid, and his entire government as a fun buster. I thought maybe that god needed to lighten up a little, stop being such a straight lace, and have a little fun. I could not imagine god as a fun god, one who laughs and encourages laughter (imagine that, when he is the one that created laughter). I just pictured him on a great, massive, sterile looking white throne with his fingers pointing towards me saying “thou shalt not.”

As i became intimately acquainted with the god of the universe, i stop seeing him as merely god- the creator, but; moreso as my father. Through the fire of affliction i began to appreciate the beauty of holiness. I was introduced to god and his laws as a child and for the most part i walked in obedience to his command. In retrospect i now know that i walked in obedience out of ritualistic observance and not out of a heart of love and trust.

As i got older, and far removed from the watchful eyes of my parents, i found myself compromising some of the fundamental principles of the laws of god. One of his command especially was…

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