The Definition Of Family In Robert Hayden's Those Winter Sundays

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Our environment has impacted everything that it has even resulted to people having their own definition of words, such as the word “family”. People now make their own definition of the said word based on their own personal and domestic experiences and circumstances. In these days of having one specific formal definition for the word “family” where it was also universally applied. The writer is a woman of mixed race and cultures; part Chickasaw Indian, and part Caucasia tells on her poem “Heritage” about accepting life, race, and learning from experiences. The American poet Robert Hayden on his poem “Those Winter Sundays” the character speaks of his experience with his father who seems cold and indifferent to him, both poems express feelings; however, what is the definition of family? If these poem’s represent a completely different concept of family. In Hogan’s poem, she often wondered at the calmness and acceptance of her Native American grandparents as they were forced to move from place to place; often losing their possessions and even much of their culture all for the sake of ‘progress’. They never showed anger towards anyone. They came to understand that material belongings are not always …show more content…
As one could read from the poem, the character tells that his father would light up a fire to warm the room for both of them and even polish his shoes. In addition, although the character fears the chronic angers of that house, it would seem that the father cares for the boy even if he was not good at showing it. The father would seem indifferent yet in a way he does care for his son and shows them in small ways. In contrast, “The Whipping” is a very visual poem describing the process how the woman would hurt the character in the poem. The woman thinks that only she has goodness while the boy has nothing but wrongs. Clearly, this is no optimistic poem. On a reader’s point of view, there is no hope to speak of in this

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