Essay about Thorndike Vs. Skinner 's The Law Of Readiness

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Thorndike vs Skinner
Fact: This student enjoys taking pictures, more specific, taking pictures of plants, flowers, animals, insects and other similar natural subjects, the opportunity to go out when the opportunity presents itself and just take pictures is something this student looks forward to doing. It is relaxing, even though it can be psychically tiring from time to time; it is also always mentally relaxing. The process of taking pictures for this student is more than just a hobby, it is a desire to improve in this craft, it is the desire to become a better photographer, but at the same time, it is not something done out of obligation, it is something this student does in order to relax. It is a process of learning photography, but without a timetable, with no deadlines, or tests, it is something this student does for pleasure and the simple joy of learning.
Comprehend: Thorndike proposed the Law of Readiness, (p.56) that is, when someone is ready to perform some act, to do so is satisfying, but when someone is ready to perform some act, if they do not, they will be annoyed. In the same manner, if someone is not ready to perform some activity, but it is forced to, it is annoying.
Apply: The principle of the Law of Readiness can help this student understand his feelings towards photography; in one specific occasion this student was asked to photograph a wedding, and for his surprise, he did not enjoy the opportunity as much as he thought he would. Perhaps he was not…

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