Thoreau And His Motives From Henry David Thoreau Essay

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Thoreau and His Motives Henry David Thoreau is a tremendously complex man to understand. Thoreau was a Harvard graduate and an abolitionist.This man wrote “Civil Disobedience” and had many reasons for doing so. Some of his thoughts given throughout the essay are, he did not like the way the government was run, the voting system, he did not respect some of the reasons he was taxed, he also wanted the readers to learn how to be more outspoken against the government, and lastly he wanted to acknowledge that he is different in thinking than most people. There is an abundance of people that voice their positive and negative opinions on the government. People with high opinions and low opinions of the American government will both most likely acknowledge that its work does not get done in a timely manner. Naturally Thoreau touched on this first in his work. After quoting the democratic review he said “and I should like to see it acted upon more rapidly and systematically” (Thoreau par. 1). What is being pointed out here is that Thoreau does not like how much the government interferes with the citizens daily lives. He also knows that this in all probability will not change in a short time period. There never will be a perfect government, but this is a major flaw. Changes within any government should happen without haste, and Thoreau is one to point this out. This is not the only flaw he points out though. Thoreau also has distaste for the voting system saying “all voting is a…

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